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Joburg City Theatres vouchers

Joburg City Theatres vouchers

Joburg City Theatres vouchers

Valid until 31 December 2022


Joburg City Theatres has always counted on the loyalty and generosity of its patrons. Please support our theatres by purchasing a dedicated Joburg City Theatres voucher from Webtickets. All support will have an impact on our future work.

- Vouchers can be used for a future purchase of tickets for a production sold through Webtickets at any of our 3 theatres– Joburg, Soweto or Roodepoort Theatre.
- Vouchers are available in values of R100, R200 or R300
- Vouchers are not refundable, and are valid until 31 December 2021 only.
- Vouchers are not valid for already sold out performances.

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Joburg City Theatres vouchers

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