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Kolping Mbumba Live 2020 POSTPONED

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Kolping Mbumba Live 2020 POSTPONED

25 Jan 2021 21:35


Kolping Mbumba returns on stage for the first time in 5 months as the safety regulations are eased
throughout South Africa. A lot has happened in this young man’s life over the past few months, a
whole lot. This is the longest Kolping has went without being to perform stand-up comedy, he dearly
missed it. In this hour-long Comedy Special he shares hilarious stories about his fiancé, his
excitement about marriage, going viral and dealing with his new found popularity amongst other
subject matters he touches on. He hilariously shares his perspective on being ‘famous’ and how the Covid-19 pandemic changed his life.

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Kolping Mbumba Live 2020 POSTPONED