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St Josephs 'I Care' Bag

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St Josephs 'I Care' Bag

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At St Joseph’s we need to keep our children SAFE- at all times! But COVID 19 has brought new challenges to the staff at St Joseph's. The staff has to be safe to ensure that the children are safe.

How do we do this? Staff wear protective clothing, children wear masks and a strict protocol is followed for special visits of parents to see their children after four months. We appeal to all donors who love children and would like to Honour Nelson Mandela to help us. We are facing costs but we cannot let our children and their families down. You can help by donating R200 to fund at least one “I care” bag.

Our target is to raise R400 000 which will enable us to fill 2000 bags!

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St Josephs 'I Care' Bag

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