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BalletRip with Nurit Graff - Online Class

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BalletRip with Nurit Graff - Online Class

06 Jun 2020 12:59


BalletRip values the principles of classical ballet and contemporary dance as a fitness method.

BalletRip has a definite cardio-vascular component whilst simultaneously focusing on firing the core and elongating the muscles by creating a distinctive and seamless 'flow ' from one exercise to another. Balletrip primarily uses an interval training approach with controlled plyometrics to elevate the heart rate.

All are welcome and no dance experience is needed for these classes. Just bring yourself and let's RIP.

1. Book for your online class which is 40 minutes long.
2. You will receive a private Zoom URL to attend the class upon payment.

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BalletRip with Nurit Graff - Online Class

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